About Us

LAMP meetingLAMP is an alliance of professional associations in the language and media field, grouping together to speak with one voice for all professionals working in the broad fields of language practice and media.

We recognise that each member association represents a specific set of skills or needs, but we need to work together to defend those basic rights that apply to all of us. We are united on seven principles:

  • Establish regular communications between our leaderships and coordinate our actions on common interests
  • Coordinate our PR and approach to media issues, where possible
  • Research, standardise and publicise recommended rates for all media and language disciplines
  • Share our expertise and pool strengths to eliminate our weaknesses
  • Advertise among our members each association’s training courses, seminars and resources to avoid duplicating each other’s efforts, to build attendance and to offer member discounts
  • Develop united positions in representing our members and being an overarching grouping to represent us on and in relevant industry bodies, associations and other forums
  • Share resources to improve our service offering and eliminate unnecessary costs


The current members of LAMP are: