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projournlogopngThe Professional Journalists’ Association promotes ethical, balanced and responsible reporting and analysis in South Africa in support of diversity and democracy, defends the rights of working journalists in their professional work and in their reflection of the voices of the public whom they serve, and argues for sound governmental and corporate policy relating to the gathering and dissemination of information.

ProJourn is:

  • a club for working journalists to debate the issues of the day
  • a lobby that advocates freedom in the gathering and dissemination of information, and for free speech generally
  • a hub of training and skills transference, especially to the disadvantaged, that will uphold the highest journalistic standards
  • a defensive body that will protect journalists in danger, whether in the field, in the courts or in conditions of poverty


Membership of ProJourn is open to all working journalists, who are defined broadly as newsroom staff. This includes journalists, columnists, editors, photographers, sub-editors, news editors, picture editors, supplement/section editors, camera operators, sound technicians, presenters, researchers, news cartoonists, bloggers, independent writers, graphic artists and layout designers, whether full-time or freelance, whether they work in the mainstream or community media, and whether they work in print, broadcasting, online or other new media.

The only conditions are that their work must have been aired or published within the past year – and they must agree with ProJourn’s aims.

If accepted for membership, candidates will be entered onto the Membership Roll and be sent a Membership Confirmation Letter, connecting them to their Sectoral Delegates on the ProJourn Secretariat (Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television, New Media, Wire Services, or Associate Members).

Annual membership fees

Community journalist: R5/month, R60/year

Freelance journalist: R10/month, R120/year

Mainstream/Full-time journalist: R20/month, R240/year

Associate member (media educator, unionist, ombudsman): R25/month, R300/year



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